Is anyone willing to refer/point me to a summer internship at a social impact startup?

Hi Elpha!

Happy new year and I hope you are well! This community has been so incredibly helpful and I'm really grateful to have this resource.

I'm currently a rising junior looking for a summer internship. I'm hoping to work at a social impact startup in the future, and I really enjoyed working in operations at a political advocacy startup this past summer. Ideally, I think my skills fit well with roles in experience design, PM, or growth, but I'm open to helping anywhere. I've been applying to internships through job boards and it's been pretty discouraging / demoralizing.

I'm wondering if anyone might be willing to help make an introduction for me, or point me towards possible resources?

Thank you so much in advance!

If you are interested in climate space, work on climate ( is a brilliant one to network, look for jobs and internships. Very helpful people.Check this one too: this: noticed that a gentleman had posted this on Work On Climate, thought it will be of help to you :
Thank you so much Sambhavi, this is so helpful and I'll definitely check these resources out!
Here’s an idea for you! Instead of doing job boards, why don’t you check out places like, impact VCs portfolio companies pages, incubators portfolio pages, and reach out to every company that seems interesting to you? And basically in your blurb intro yourself, talk about your skills, experiences, and why you want to work with them, and what you want to do/be willing to work on a different projects to get experience and startup exposure?
Thank you, those are great ideas, I didn't think of looking at impact VCs!
This is climate focused so not impact per se, though there's a fundamental impact component when trying to fight the climate crisis:
hey @tfang you might find this community helpful:
In each state, there is often impact incubators like and I highly recommend which offers internships that college students can apply and then work at start-ups in mission-based businesses like ours a social enterprise impacting gender equality. Untapped Potential Inc. returns value to business and our nation's GDP by offering the right stepping-stone to women to return-to-work following caregiving. We have benefitted from interns from both Reset and LiveGirl.
Hi! @tfang I have a couple friends who work in sustainability/ ESG and they've used these climate job sites to post opportunities: I also second @iynna 's approach of looking at impact VCs & their portfolio companies! Regeneration VC is one that came to mind:'m happy to connect & hear more about what you're looking for! I have a few specific people/ startups in mind I'm friends or advisors to and who may be looking for interns. Feel free to send me a message.
Fantastic suggestions Lindsay!
Ooooh we are going to be taking on interns! Connect with me on LinkedIn and check out and