How to hit the right level of detail in your interview answers

Are you hitting on the right level of detail in your interview answers?

(FYI: Most people 𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘯'𝘵. Surface-level interview answers is one of the most common mistakes I see as a recruiter and a hiring manager, especially with more senior candidates in strategy roles...)

Here's a "quick win" list of context points for you to share with your interviewer to help make your answers more tangible and specific:

✅ the end user or audience for your work

✅ the stakeholders or cross-functional collaborators involved

✅ the tools, techniques, or frameworks used to solve the problem

✅ similar solutions in the market they may already be familiar with

✅ datasets or data points used to evaluate the solution

✅ quantifying the scale of the project by user, dollars, time, or any other metric

Marry that context with the right level of scope and influence for the role you're going after and you'll start acing those interviews 💯

Do you feel like you go into enough detail in your interviews?