The 4 steps to building a truly fulfilling career (and life)

What are the steps to building a truly fulfilling career?

Step 1: Figure out what matters to you on “bigger picture” of life.

What is truly important to you?

What are your values and your vision?

What do you wanna spend your life doing?

If you are not sure about those answers - capture the parts that you know, and start exploring further.

Recognize that exploring doesn’t mean overthinking, but experimenting, trying things out and learning from experience and feedback.

Step 2: Plan the immediate next steps that are aligned with that “bigger picture”, but also with your current reality

Start building those bridges.

Do the first step.

Make a specific concrete plan for the next period of time - it could be 3 months, or a year.

Start acting on it, and keep on learning from those actions and experiences. Every couple of months, take a moment to think: what is working great, and what do I wanna change or adjust?

Step 3 - Keep adjusting

It is evolution.

As we keep growing as person, so does our perspective of our work and needs and wishes from our career.

So pay attention when you work stops working for you - recognize when something doesn’t work anymore, and needs adjustment.

Experimenting and experiencing is super important here again - sometimes we have a theoretical idea of what we want but then in the end even if we get it it doesnt totally feel like the right thing (anymore)…

It is very empowering to recognize that that's ok, that that is learning process, and that anyway both our life and our work is an evolution that requires constant readjustments :)

Step 4 - Enjoy the journey of building it and exploring it

Learn to enjoy the journey and appreciate all the steps - growth, exploration and personal evolution is a big part of what makes life and work meaningful.

It turns the journey towards a goal into a positive, open-minded adventure.

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