Any Elphas taking on the 100 Day project?

Missed the timeframe for 2020 so I'm making it a point to hop on for 2021's 100 Day project for sure!Going to have to revisit my notebook of shelved ideas to see if any are relevant here.Some options are: 1. A project combining the philosphical text Tao Te Ching 道德经 & Illustrations / doodles 2. Something inspired by the Artist's way - which btw if any Elphas love, join the discussion here: Daily writing project / collection of micro stories e.g. 6 Word stories (Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn.")Any Elphas joining in? What will you be working on?
Somewhat unrelated but your first point reminds me of the book that I just read (Tao of Pooh) with some obviously very Poohish illustrations :)
I love that book.
the audiobook for the Tao of Pooh has been sitting in my phone! I will get to it.... If you had to choose 1 word to describe the book - what would it be?
Whimsical!I didn't learn too much about Taoism through the book (nor was that my intent), but it was overall a very light and silly pre-bedtime read :)
I haven't, but now I want to! I just signed up. Wanna be accountability buddies?
@bananasfoster YES! @HemaN I saw your comment below on accountability, let's form an accountability group together? i'm happy to hop on whatsapp, telegram or whatever communication works for you
Hi @WenlinT! Just a quick note to say I'm a huge fan of The Artist's Way and have been writing Morning Pages for 3 1/2 years...Also, it's probably already on your radar, but if not, you might find this of interest:
Wow! 3 1/2 years! How have your pages changed over this period?Love love six word memoirs, my creative writing lecturer shared it with us during university. Do you write stories as well?
Great question, @WenlinT. I'm not sure my pages have changed, really. If anything, maybe they've gotten less formal and more stream of consciousness, but I'd have to go back to the beginning to review to say for sure. :-)I don't write stories, but improving my storytelling skills (verbally) is one of the things on my self-improvement to-do list for 2021. Many years ago when I was a high school classroom teacher, I would sometimes end the last few minutes of class reading some of those six-word memoirs. The students loved them.
I just signed up! I bought a Nikon digital camera a couple of years ago and never went beyond automatic mode. I am thinking about one photography per day, while taking some proper courses to improve my skills!
@CharleneLin that sounds great! What subjects are you planning to photograph? Any specific ideas or themes you're thinking of exploring? :)
Hi @WenlinT I am a little more than halfway through a 100 day Haiku project. Posting them to Twitter to keep myself honest. It has stretched me creatively - sometimes they just pour out of me in batches. Other times my Muse is sleeping and it's more work to get one written. I am enjoying the creative outlet that isn't too taxing, but fun! My dear friend had her cat pass away recently, so I wrote this to honor her:Stray Calico HaikuAnimals just knowWhen they come upon a soulFiled with Light and Love
I just signed up - I love this idea! I definetely need something to make me more accountable. I have a few ideas:1) Use a random word generator and write a 3 sentence poetry/story/prose, including that word (or maybe it can be inspired by that word) 2) Use a random picture generator and do the same as above ^Love to hear about more ideas!