The four stages to turning your idea into a business

I've spent the last decade supporting entrepreneurial talent and analysed why some people successfully launch businesses and have impact in a short space of time, and why others often stay on the side lines or waste too much time in overthinking/procrastination mode and their ideas stay just that... ideas.

There are four key stages every entrepreneur must journey through on their path to building a viable business.

  • ​Stage 1 - Find your Purpose - Learn how to select the right idea for you

This is about learning what makes you truly unique and applying this to your business, to do what you are called to in the world (there is a process to figuring this out -- think of it as your founder-product-fit)

  • ​Stage 2 - Find your Power - Learn how to talk about your business and build with confidence.

This is about overcoming those confidence gremlins and inner critic chatter and reframing 'can't' to 'cans' so that you get out of your own way and self-select yourself into opportunities. It is the part I see more women struggle with than their male counterparts.

  • ​Stage 3 - Find your People - Understand how to identify and engage your ideal customers

Contrary to what we might be taught to believe, you do not have to have a big audience or marketing budget to build a business, you have to know who your key people are and get really good at serving them. Double down in a niche and community where you can get famous, and grow from there. Sales come through these early relationships, not social media.

  • ​Stage 4 - Find your Platform - Learn how to select the right platforms to support your growth

Once you have figured out what you want to be known for, feel confident and have sold to your communities, you are ready to grow and scale using the right tools and platforms. Picking the right combination of these and not wasting your time trying to do it all is key. This stage is about strategy.


Stage 5.... if you get all these things right is consistent revenue.

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