Hey Elphas, we are live on Product Hunt today! πŸš€πŸš€

Hi everyone! After many cups of coffee and many more hours of hard work, my co-founder and I launched our free coding font tool! It is a fun mini tool to help select a font for your coding editor through an exciting tournament-style game! ⚔️ (Squid Games, anyone?)

Why we did it

We are both passionate about design and fonts. Also, this is personal: As devs, we spend a lot of time staring at our screen coding. The coding font that we spend 8 hours a day staring at affects our productivity and comfort. I'm picky about coding fonts and like to experiment with settings to find the optimal balance. This is especially true for coding fonts, as they inherently share mono-spaced characteristics. To solve this, I thought: How about looking at two fonts at a time and picking the better one, rinse and repeat in a tournament style until you have the winner? That way, you'll have some fun and find the perfect font.

What the tool does

Choose your favorite coding fonts and pit them against each other Eliminate font one by one to get your ideal font Tournament map of all the fonts you have picked I hope this unique app experience makes your time worthwhile and allows you to find the most pleasing yet comforting font that will skyrocket your productivity. You can check it out on PH and leave us some feedback if you feel like. Thank you!

Upvoted, congrats on the launch! Looks solid.
thanks so much for the support Nevena!
Big big congrats!
thank you so much iynna!
How did it go!