Startup Business, Support Accepted with Open Arms

New to Elpha!

My wife and I have just started our own business and we would love some help!

Now, when my wife mentioned the idea on our social media platform about 4 weeks ago, we gained immediate interest! Over 4,000 small businesses requested to be featured nationally and so we got to work. After balancing our current home life and maintaining a regular income in addition to the startup, we have received our LLC, opened a business account, brought on many volunteers, individually uploaded 502 businesses to a temporary landing page to introduce consumers, as well as give businesses the opportunity to request a small feature early, volunteer their skills, and/or donate.

We just added the donation link, therefore we do not have any funds available to officially hire employees yet. We have applied for multiple grants now, as well as received many gifts from businesses that are eager for us to try their product. Once our volunteer graphic designer, branding consultant, and software engineers have completed the final product, we will launch the app and website with low cost subscriptions and memberships to help funding.

If you would like to hear more about what we are doing and/or are interested in helping, please feel free to reach out!