I just launched a community for Edupreneurs and it's all dudes. Elphas please join me! It's free!

Hey Elphas!

I just launched a free community for Edupreneurs - people building live online learning courses and businesses - and thus far it's all dudes. 🙈

Our goal is to provide a space (on Circle and through live online events) for live online learning builders to meet, interact, and engage.

Building cohort-based courses and other kinds of live online learning programs can be lonely, and right now there's no one place to go to connect and learn from others building these kinds of programs - whether asking about program design, tools, engagement, metrics, and more.

The backstory is that I work at an edtech startup called Virtually that supports backend logistics for live online learning programs. We realized that there were so many people just getting started on their live online learning program building journeys, but that there was no centralized place to find information or interact with peers. Given our network of cohort based course builders at all stages, we figured we'd try to bring all of them together and see what everyone could learn!

It's totally free and has been a blast so far except for one thing: it's all dudes.

I'd LOVE to see some Elphas join so we can add new perspectives and voices from diverse backgrounds! (Also, selfishly, I think I'd just enjoy running the community more if there were more womxn.)

Interested? Apply here. 🎉

(If you have additional questions, shoot me a note here on Elpha!)

Hi Laura - I’ll post the link to apply on the NYEdTech Meetup list. It’s a 9000+ member community of educators, edtech entrepreneurs & investors that I’ve been co-leading forward the last 5 or so years. Lots of women in the group!You could also try reaching out to Project FoundED.
Amazing! Thanks so much and thanks for the tip! :)
+1 on the NYEdtech Meetup group!