Generalist Career Stories dropping tomorrow....

👋 Hey Elphans!

Last month I put out a call to all generalists interested in sharing their career stories in this (surprisingly viral) post.

I was blown away by how many of your raised your hands to share your stories of navigating your careers as generalists.

I'm excited to announce that these stories will start to go live as of tomorrow (with a new story every week).

I've already learned a ton from these chats.

My top 3 takeaways thus far?

  • We don’t have to be “one thing” throughout our careers
  • We all experience some level of uncertainty and insecurity at all stages of our careers
  • Learning, connecting across teams, and understanding context are (often undervalued) generalist superpowers.

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Just subscribed! I am so excited to read these articles!
Amazing! I'm working on your story as we speak. :)
Subscribed! Pumped to read everyone's stories. Thanks for spearheading this, Laura!
This is great and I deff remember that initial post :) Excited to follow along!