Chicago Elphas Meetup Was a Success!!

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Love this! How did you structure the meet-up? Would love to hear what made it successful so we can replicate it across all local meetups!
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Absolutely! It was pretty informal. There were about 8 of us, so we started by going around, introducing ourselves (where we're from, what we do, how we found Elpha, our favorite color, etc.) and then there were usually follow up questions for each person to dig deeper into things that we found interesting. After we all went around, we sort of split off into informal get to know you conversations. It was great as a first meetup, but I also think roundtable style could be cool for a future meetup (people come with topics they'd like to discuss and then self-select into those topic areas). Just a thought. Either way - it was super fun!
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For sure! Thank you for sharing - we can compile ideas and send out a doc for future meetup organizers, too. Thanks so much for organizing!
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Sorry to miss out on the fun! Glad it was a blast!
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The event was awesome! So great to meet inspiring and interesting women. I'd be happy to help set up the next meeting!
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Yay! Sounds awesome!
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Sad I missed this - are we due for another meetup?