Hi Chicago Elphas! Let's meet up. :)

emilypatterson's profile thumbnail
Definitely down for a meetup!
paulabui's profile thumbnail
Yes please! I'd love that
briannecaplan's profile thumbnail
Woo, I'm in :-) Thanks for organizing!
mariw's profile thumbnail
Yes, would love to meet up!I'm currently doing my MBA in Chicago and have been exploring VC and digital health.
LaurenVenell's profile thumbnail
Sounds great, thank you!
itsabhinaya's profile thumbnail
Yes! What day are you thinking?
lauramarks's profile thumbnail
Would Thursday Oct. 17th or Thursday Oct. 24th work for anyone? Is the loop okay? I'm pretty new to Chicago so not super familiar with good happy hour spots if anyone has suggestions!
itsabhinaya's profile thumbnail
both of those days work for me. Loop is fine. Couple of choices -https://elhefe.com/chicago-il/​https://brandoschicago.comhttps://www.monkspubchicago.com
JoyceL's profile thumbnail
Oct 17th works for me! Thank you so much for suggesting it!I created a survey monkey poll based on Abhinaya's suggestion: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3NHK9QF
AriKrzyzek's profile thumbnail
I'm down, is there a calendar invite or an Eventbrite sign up for this Laura?
asebold's profile thumbnail
I'm down.
mercedesimarquez's profile thumbnail
Would love to join, count me in! I didn't vote on the restaurant because I am new to Chicago and don't know the scene that well yet.
hollielu's profile thumbnail
I'd like to join as well! Has the time and place been decided?
lauramarks's profile thumbnail
Getting pumped! Starting to see Eventbrite registrations roll on in. Looking forward to next week!
LaurenVenell's profile thumbnail
Aww nuts, that’s exactly when my sister arrives in town. Would love to join for the next one!
lauramarks's profile thumbnail
No worries! Hope to see you at the next one. :)