To vendor out or build it ourselves

Hi tech founders and CTO, I need some advice. My co-founder wants a very expensive feature - a data discovery tool that can get into many type of data sources and report back metadatas. I'm cringing at the prospect of having to build one from scratch, and more lenient towards partnering with 3rd party vendor to provide that functionality. Problem is: $$$3rd party vendor will require tons of money.Build it ourselves will require my sanity and lost time (this is outside my expertise, I have to start from ground zero).I'm super curious to see how you will deal with it. We are bootstrapping.
Hi! When you said "My co-founder wants a very expensive feature" that made me wonder a bit about the decision making process you have with your cofounder to decide what to build. When I read that line I thought it sounded a bit like your cofounder is telling you what to build instead of it being a collaborative decision making process. Also how critical is this feature for you in terms of making progress on your core metrics?
Points taken :) In a way, there's always conflict in deciding what to build, right? I'm naturally a very laid-back, easy-going person who jokes constantly. I didn't mean it to say that she told me what to build, her desire is to push the company into bigger and faster than what it is right now. Our competitors have that feature - and we both understand that this is something that our client want. In terms of core metrics, we haven't launched yet so now I think it maybe that we have to interact more with our clients then decide from there.
:) And yes! I'd definitely recommend launching with a super simple MVP and then iterating based on their feedback. It may turn out that you don't need that feature anyway and then your problem will be solved :)
How well is this feature as part of core PMF validated?Is this B2B?Generic input: if you're starting from ground zero, build enough of a throwaway so you can explore the problem space and identify risks, then go ahead and engage with a vendor so you know how to spec what to buy - you'll only scratch the surface and the unknown unknowns are always what kills any project, so I wouldn't build myself, but I need to build just enough to buy with intelligence.
Wise advice! Thanks Jenny.
Where did you land? Might ha have an idea for you.
We postpone the feature :D I was vendoring it out but received a quote of tens of $$$. Which is sadly beyond our budget.
Well, if it comes back up let me know. We might have a common interest.