Seeking Project/ Program management Role OR Advise!

Hello Elpha community!

My name is Sachi, and I am currently trying to get into a PM role. I was previously a recruiter at AWS, and am looking for a career transition. Does anyone know of any open roles, or have any advise? I am currently working towards completing a google 6 step course program mangement certification. And have completed a certfication for program mangement from Amazon.

Thank you in advance!

P.s. does anyone else feel like Elpha is the career version of Barbie? It's so inspiring to see so many members of this community sharing, and gaining advise!

Hi Sachi! Add more tags to this post so it gets more visibility across elpha :)
Hi Sachi - I just recently left 8.5 years at Amazon, where my roles evolved from customer facing to program management to product management. I'm happy to have a convo any time to share how I navigated the role progression.
Hi @kimberlysmith ! I would love to connect and learn more from you! What is the best way to contact you?
I just sent you a message with my email address. Feel free to reach out!
@kimberlysmith I would also be interested in learning about how you navigated this role switch
Hi Colleen - Happy to connect! I'll send you a DM with my contact info.