Omdena | Real World AI project to fight Climate Change| WRI | Apply ASAP

Hi Everyone,I want to share an amazing opportunity for the community to participate in an AI for good challenge with Omdena. Omdena is a collaborative platform solving real-world challenges via ethical AI/ data science (1,3 k change-makers, 84 countries) and we are kicking off our 27th Challenge with the World Resources Institute on October 2nd.Whether you're a domain expert or a junior to senior ML Engineer, join this challenge to Leverage Machine Learning and Minimize Climate Change Impacts!In this project with the World Resources Institute, you will work on:1. Analyzing how Nature-Based-Solutions (e.g. land and forest restoration) can minimize climate change impacts,2. Generating a correlation matrix heat map,3. Assessing the current landscape, barriers, and opportunities,4. Collaborating with 50 technology change-makers from across the worldSave your spot & apply via this website:
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Thanks for sharing this opportunity Lucie! I've consolidated your posts and cross-posted this to "Social Impact" as well!
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Perfect, thanks :)