Imagine that you could spray confidence on like your favourite perfume. The one that makes you feel like a Goddess, that you are Sexy, Powerful and can Take On Anything!Breathe in that aroma, a dash of strawberry, vanilla, coconut and self-belief. Isn’t that aroma enticing, inviting, and intoxicating. You could quite simply eat it and would be heavenly.Imagine you could feel on cloud 9, light, easy, full of the joys of being your Queenly self.Imagine every time you were about to share a post, take action or put yourself out there that this Powerful Goddess within would rise and you would embrace her and hear her whisper words of encouragement, praise and entitlement.Yes, you are entitled to success, confidence, self acceptance and self love.But this seems like a fairy tale right?You procrastinate, you feel that you’re not good enough, you don’t have enough followers, you don’t get any job offers, and no-one notices if you don’t show up.You get frustrated and disheartened by the “success” of your peers, that are showing up consistently, showing their vulnerability and who are in demand with clients and new jobs. You ask yourself, “How did they do it?” “Who am I teach, lead or provide this service?” or “Why I am not getting interviews”. I just don’t believe in myself, I am simply not good enough.You decide to invest in new website, new LinkedIn profile, brand strategist or social media expert hoping that your problem will be solved, that you’ll not need to look at what’s stopping you from showing up. Hoping that these experts will somehow be able to put out your essence perfectly without any input by you as if by magic, they’ll present you with absolute clarity what makes you unique, why people should trust, love and buy from you or hire you.Knowing the tools that you can employ to reduce your Imposter Syndrome doesn’t have to feel frightening or shameful.You can find tools to manage your Imposter Syndrome. You need to practice using the tools and have the right guidance, even if you think you won’t make progress.I have created a supportive, confidential space where women can learn how to grow in confidence, learn the techniques that you can use to reduce your Imposter Syndrome no matter what your profession whether you’re a female entrepreneur or not. You can use this space to talk with me 1-2-1 about issues such as: putting yourself out there, changing your offer, fear and negative feelings, promotion of yourself for your business or career, sharing your content, sharing your story and any other confidence issue not specified.My Confidence Office Hours, called “Humble Brag Monday’s” is open to you if you want to start tackling your Imposter Syndrome in a safe and confidential space. (Formerly a group session, now 1-2-1)Doors open to “Humble Brag Mondays, 5th October, 8-9AM, these will be free 20 min slots which can book via this calendar: There will be will only be 4 slots available per Monday. These Office Hours will be available until the end of 2020 and you may book as many slots as you wish!Slaying your Imposter Syndrome will make you feel unstoppable! (I Love Serena Williams!)You are brilliant!You should be out there!Own it!Do it!I look forward to virtually meeting you and teaching you to how to become in control of your Imposter Syndrome.Join me now, and book your session on that dates that suit you best. Get in touch via email for more information using this email: [email protected]I'm In! Book a session with this calendar: bold, be brave, back yourself and become your No. 1 Cheerleader.Warm Regards,Ekua 💛