What kind of product owner are you?https://www.souffle.club/pm-quiz

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This post is misleading. I filled it out and it was just essentially creating a profile. There were no insights or results from filling everything out.@teresaman @iynna
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Interesting! I agree I too was a bit confused as I expected some kind of analysis to have generated from the quiz, and the profile created was simply a re-display of one's own answers.
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Thank you for sharing @soumyas! I took the quiz and had some thoughts. Overall I found it to be long (ie. just felt like a lot of questions with no knowledge of when it would end). It would be great if you could indicate a progress bar or smth just so we have an idea of how long it is (ie 2 minutes or 20) I think this would psychologically make me more excited.Also love how it generates a profile at the end and the engagement feature, I think this could be very useful for folks looking to interact with peers and so forth. One thing I'd recommend is perhaps to modify the title of your post to smth along those "What does your PM professional profile look like" (to repeat your own words in the blurb). Stating What kind of PM are you implies that you may give us some insights at the end (to @LaurenDolnick's point) which I understand is not the intention of this quiz/experiement.