How to Pick a Career/Executive/Leadership Coach

I'm a professional leadership coach and former design leader. I realized that I've spent a lot of time advising colleagues and potential clients through the world of coaching and how to pick a coach that's right for you. So I wrote a longer medium post about it - This isn't a sales piece for my business. Instead it shares experiences about all the different coaches that I've had and how I'm currently going through the process of finding a new coach for me. There's 4 practical steps around working with a coach: 1. Name the Pain: what's the problem that you're dealing with, and how is it difficult/different/ongoing enough that it's triggering the search for external help. 2. Ready to Dream: are you in the right mindset & state to start dreaming & acting on a bigger future. 3. Investment in You: consider what time, effort and $ are you willing to invest in to reach the dream and mitigate the pain. 4. Dating and Chemistry: go out and "date" to evaluate a bunch of different coaches. I recommend 3-5 to find the right chemistry for someone who truly gets you and can support you to reach your goals. More detail at