Heroine's Journey - Women's Leadership Retreat

Are you an adventurous woman looking to rekindle the passion and purpose that drew you to your work? Does being a leader sometimes feel lonely, weighty, and overwhelming? Do you tend towards being a servant leader who gives your energy to your teams and colleagues as well as your family and friends?

Are you looking for some time to invest in yourself and your leadership?

In my first career of 22 years as a design leader, I created many digital products and services. Now, as a leadership coach and author, I'm curating this Heroine's Journey Retreat with my best friend, Irene Salter, a PhD neuroscientist, to hold space for an intimate group of seasoned mid-career professionals who long to slow down and fall in love with their work all over again. It’s an opportunity to make space for creative dreaming, away from the daily stresses of leading our organizations and teams. You will be seen, heard, and valued for the inspired leader and messy human you are, and will emerge with hope, inspiration, and greater clarity about your future.

Come join a community of female leaders in The Heroine's Journey Retreat in northern California, amidst trees on the edge of the ocean from Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2023. This year's theme is RESTORE | REJUVENATE | RECONNECT. If you're curious, fill out the application on the website and we'll have a chat to see if this feels right for you at this moment.

I was a little hesitant at posting this self-promotional message on Elpha but got the suggestion from an Elpha members who is attending the retreat and made sure that it was okay with community guidelines (thanks @Josefina!)

If you're curious, feel free to message me.

Registration closes next Friday August 18th.

Sounds like a fantastic event! What does the agenda look like? :)
@iynna This will be the third year that I've held this. It's a pretty intimate event, max of 18 heroines, so much of the content will be custom curated for each woman's needs, while drawing on universal themes. The ones that are coming up this year are: - self-critical voices- how to sustain yourself when you give so much of your energy to the teams around you- developing spaciousness and internal wisdom / equanimity to balance out all demands on your energyWe roughly follow a past / present / future agenda. -Friday evening will start with a 2 hour session to open the container and share with an autobiography. -Saturday morning will be a 3 hour workshop, likely on imposter syndrome/self-critics and Sat afternoon will be an experiential focus on navigating risk & uncertainty while sea kayaking through sea caves. -Sunday will be two 3 hour blocks of leadership coaching, including setting a roadmap / vision for the future. -Monday will be wrapping and sustaining the insights. There is a mixture of time together, solo reflection, talking / writing / working in different size groups.