Our precision hormonal care product officially launched 🚀

Dear all! 🎊

I’m so excited to share with this lovely community that after a year of research and development, 100s of interviews with women and their physicians, we just launched our hormonal care product to women in the US! 🚀 💕

Check out! 🎉

👉🏼 Mohana is a hormonal health product built around three core principles: education, access to testing and expert analysis - all in support of women's empowerment!

📚 👩‍🔬 Mohana bridges the gap in educating women about the importance of hormonal health and its long-term impacts. We do this by making it easy to access much-needed hormonal lab tests and reliable, science-based tools to know how to act on imbalances.

Please help us spread the word about Mohana, and help us empower women to become informed about their bodies, and know how to advocate for their health. 🙏🏻

PS: As a big thank you to our first users, we’re giving $100 off for the first 100 users. Use `FIRST100` at checkout! :)

LOVE TO SEE IT! Let's go Dora! @stancemcgraw @brookeballinger @paleysweet, @sissifeng, @maddietracey @drmollyellis @cassidyd @alexismendivil @ilapanikmarchetta @ashtonsongerferguson @JKA28 are just a few of the elphas in the space!Also fyi i deleted your dup post and tagged the relevant communities here (for future reference, you can also do that when you write your post, you can select + tag as many communities as you'd like!)
Thanks a lot Iynna! I'm new here, so that wasn't clear, but I'll do that next time! Would love connect with the others!
You're all good! :) happy connecting!
Looks great, Dora! I love to see the gap being bridged between evidence-based medicine and integrative health care. And women need more access to this type of care. Good job!