Beta program for women's hormonal health

Hi everyone!

I’m Dora, the founder of Mohana: a health science company with a mission to improve women’s hormonal imbalances.

🎉 🎊 We’re launching a beta program on February 14th (!!) 🎉 🎊 As part of this program, we'll be offering Mohana for free for 5 beta testers, and a few limited spots at different discounted rates.

1 in 3 women have a chronic hormonal condition with up to 80% struggling with hormonal imbalances.

If you’ve struggled with:

  • unpredictable, heavy and painful periods
  • intense PMS or PMDD
  • poor digestion, and constant bloating
  • stubborn weight gain
  • feeling exhausted no matter how much you sleep

an underlying hormonal imbalance could be behind your symptoms.

These symptoms go undetected and dismissed way too often. Our goal with Mohana is to raise awareness, and empower women to know how to detect, understand and act on hormonal imbalances.

As part of this beta program, we’re looking to hear your stories and frustrations, and see how the Mohana platform can support you.

If interested, please first sign up below, and I'll reach out!