An initiative for better hormonal health for women

Hi everyone,

I'm Dora Jambor, and I'm working on Mohana, a passion-project-turned-startup where we created a precision health platform to help women restore their hormonal imbalances.

We are doing a small trial run of our platform specifically for women who face PCOS. This is completely free as we're mainly trying to learn from you all and gather feedback about ways we can support your needs better: Feel free to access this here:

For those of you who don't have PCOS, but face other hormonal symptoms or conditions, we will be releasing our platform soon. If you want to be part of our beta launch, you can request access on our main page:

Thank you!

I don't have PCOS but my cousin is a PhD working on this research. Do you need any more academic/research staff? Happy to make the intro. This is right up her alley :)
@RebeccaAp Thank you for sharing that with me, I'd love to connect with her! We're hoping to use our efforts to fuel back into more research on women's health topics like PCOS, so we're actively working on creating research collaborations. Feel free to share with her my email: [email protected], or I can connect her directly too. Thank you!