Getting your foot in the door of your career

Starting or advancing your career sometimes seem hard, but with some straightforward strategies, you can increase your chances of success. Let's talk about practical ways to get your foot into the door.

Create a Good Image:

Think of yourself as a brand. Craft a good resume, make your LinkedIn profile appealing, and present yourself well online. Show off your achievements and skills to stand out from the crowd.

Connect with People:

Build a network by attending events, joining online communities, and talking to professionals in your field. Engaging in conversations and seeking advice can open doors to new opportunities.

Start Small

Consider internships or entry-level positions as stepping stones. While they may not be your dream job, they can provide valuable experience and help you move up in the future. Do this if needed.

Stay Positive and Bounce Back:

Be ready to adapt and learn from challenges. A positive attitude and resilience can leave a lasting impression on others. Getting settled in your career of choice can come with its ups and downs

Get Advice:

Seek feedback on your work and be open to suggestions. Finding a mentor can also provide guidance and a different perspective on your career journey.


Success in your career involves simple strategies like setting clear goals, presenting yourself well, connecting with others, being friendly can also help you network with the right people. By taking practical steps, you can confidently navigate your career path and achieve your goals: It is about enjoying the journey along the way while getting your foot into the door.

Thank you for sharing these great reminders which are timely as many of us are exploring the next phase of our career/life!
Thank you Iynna