Career Progression

I have been trying to fix myself into mkt/comms all to no avail. When I apply for jobs, it looks like I fall short. I don't really know why. I have an that is now looking almost useless to me. In fact when I meet some HR they say I am more like a comms persons not marketing nor brands, One suggested I go back to marketing agency and do graduate trainee with them, I already have like 7 years work experience. I just feel some of the job requirement in some of the jobs I apply for are things I can do well or do when put through. I am experienced and equally a fast learner. Why I am just at the barest minimum all along beats my imagination. Now I am considering going back to an agency for internship or get chartered like NIMN or CIM but the costs are much. I am a low income earner. I really need to know my best bet. I need a change and a rise in my career.

Will be waiting for inputs. Thank you all.

Hi, fellow marcomm person here. 👋 It is hard to land a marcomm position outside of an agency in my experience. That doesn't mean those opportunities don't exist, though! Have you built out your personal brand at all? A good LinkedIn profile and a website with a portfolio are important, as I'm sure you know.Also, earlier in my career I did a lot of freelancing ang that led to connections that got me full-time, brand-side roles. Now that I'm planning to leave corporate I'm doing consukting on the side, too, both as a way to hone my craft and a way to expand my network.Hope that helps and good luck!
Thank you so much for your response. I do have an experience with an agency. My linkedin is optimized too,. I will set out to look for freelance jobs and perhaps get a certification when I can afford it. Thank you. This helped. Can I connect with you on Linkedin?
Of course! It'd linkedin/in/angie-jones-iowa