How to grow a writing portfolio in women's health/ femtech industry. Looking for advice and network :)

Hi ladies,

I'm looking for advices and recommendations on how to build a portfolio in femhealth writing. I have a health background and certification in fertility awareness, menstrual cycle education, and looking for opportunities in this field.

I will appreciate your advice and recommendations. :)

Do you have any opportunities to write in your current role? If not, you could create 3-5 niche-relevant samples to start out. Write about the same things you’d write about for a potential client. You don’t need to be published yet to create a portfolio and publish it on your own website. With your healthcare background, you could also seek out guest post opportunities. Lots of companies seek SMEs to bolster thought leadership, so having a healthcare-related advanced degree is an edge.
Thank you for the tips Nicole, they are really helpful 👌