Femtech mentorship

Hello hello!

Putting myself out here a bit - I am looking for mentorship in the femtech space. I am fascinated with the problem space and deconstructing what is tech's role and of course our favorite buzz word, what is AI's role in the space? Would love to see if anyone on this channel is interested or has suggestion of who may be a good fit!

some context on myself -

📚 I am currently a Masters student studying technology and business in Madrid.

💻 I have 6+ years of experience in Product Management and Product Marketing across B2B software at Microsoft, HealthTech at Modern Health and am currently consulting at a femtech startup, Rita Health.

🍎 I am looking for mentorship on what type of knowledge/experience is best to gain when getting into the femtech industry. As well as mentorship on understanding the relationship/implications of AI in health tech

This is very interesting! I wanted to intro you to @jacquelinegraca who is in the space too and maybe you both have things to share on the matterFor context she wrote this piece the other day too
Thank you Iynna
Hi Molly, I recommend you take a look at the the FemHealth Insights site and join the slack community. You can learn more here
Thank you both @iynna and @jacquelinegraca , looking forward to joining the slack community. And @jacquelinegraca would love to grab a virtual coffee if you're open to it!
Sure! I will send you a DM