Orange County Elphas! Lets meetup šŸ™Œ Make new friends

Hi Everyone! I'm based in Long Beach, CA and looking to make new friends who would like to go on hikes, walks, brunches and movies together!

Since I'm in Long Beach I can travel from Manhattan Beach to Huntington Beach, but if you're from LA or any other OC area, LMK!

You can find me on Linkedin to learn a bit more about what I do professionally.

Personally, Im a fan of ficton, poetry, indie movies, and pyschology.

If you're around Long Beach, especially, lmk and we can meet soon!

Otherwise, lmk a lil about yourself and we can meet somewhere that works for us both.

I have always met interesting women from Elpha, so hoping I can connect with a few others I haven't met yet!

Feel free to email me if you feel the same:

[email protected]

If enough women reply we can do a brunch somewhere in Long Beach or nearby in a week or so, happy to organize that.