Any remote team founders or team leaders here? I'd love to take an interview with you!

Hello, Elphas! I'm running a remote-first tech startup. I'm working from home/coworking/cafe every day for the last 3 years. My teammates are 10 hours ahead of me distributed through 4 countries. I love it! And I'm encouraging other founders to start remote-first companies.This time I want to show how women leaders thriving remote culture. Do you have something to share? Ping me because I'd love to take an interview with you✨
Hi! 👋 I manage a remote team. We're a coworking on-demand app who use our own service so we're dispersed. We're about 4 year's old and growing. Working remote was never really something I sought, having freelanced before and wanting a steady team to report to. But my team was flexible by nature (again, we just use our app when we want to work in a space) and I see so many benefits and learned a lot coming from an office. Would love to chat whenever and to learn more about your team too!
Hi! Thank you for taking part. I'd love to talk to you :)