College Student + NASA Software Engineer Creates Coloring Book to Inspire Young Girls of Color in Tech

Hey👩🏽‍💻🦋 By way of introduction my name is Nia Asemota and I’m a NASA software engineer, illustrator, and current senior at New York University! Just wanted to share that I recently created the ‘Black Girls CODE the Future’ coloring book to inspire black and brown girls to pursue STEM!

I want to empower them with illustrations where they can see themselves reflected and provide them with role models in these fields. In this educational coloring book you'll meet 15 amazing scientific trailblazers like Katherine Johnson, Timnit Gebru + Joy Buolamwini while expressing your creative side with 32 beautiful illustrations to color! 👩🏽‍💻💫🚀 I’d love if you checked it out!

I love this concept!! I work in the space industry also and will share this with my colleagues!
thank you!!
I love this! Role models are so important! Growing up and up until my early 20s, I never even considered working in STEM or studying in it because I didn't know it was possible and once I learned about those fields, my first and final thought was always "I can't do it". I never had a role model so I love that this exposes more girls to opportunities! Very cool that it's interactive also :)
thank you so much!! and I definitely resonate with that I never considered CS to be a path for me until 2 years ago