Hello! Brand new here! I'm an artist that does foiled prints! I specialize in pet and people portraits

Hello! I'm Joy of JoyousJoyfulJoyness! I'm an artist that makes foiled prints, and specialize in pet and people portraits!

I discovered the craft of toner foiling last summer and used my friends' pets as subjects. Shared some on social media and it blew up into my first business! I'm here to connect and support fellow women!

I'd love to connect with other businesses for collaborate!

Tagging @sophiefurman as you're both artists and may enjoy saying hello! ā˜€ļø
Hi Joy! It's nice to meet you! I love your artworks and foil idea, way to go! I've always wanted to work in foil painting (I think it's called?) but have been focusing on digital art more recently. :) Love all your cute pet portraits!
Thanks so much! It's called toner foiling!
You're welcome! And thank you!! :)
Welcome, your artwork is fantastic!
Thanks so much!!
Omg this is beautiful! I'm going to show my parents your artwork.
Thanks so much!!
Wow. You have such beautiful pieces!!Would you be interested in making something custom for us? I have been looking for a large black and white photograph featuring horses - at least 4 feet wide and at least 2 feet in height. I did shortlist some framed ones from online shops and somehow have not ended up buying it as yet. Would love to connect and see if we can buy something from you that my husband and I both will agree to hang on one of our walls. Thanks!Purnima
Thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately, I don't do photography, but I can do a drawing from a photograph! I'll pm you