Anyone out there?

Drop a comment with your location!
Sf Bay Area born and raised!
Cool, love the Bay Area! Brooklyn on my way to Pittsburgh, here!
Portland OR on my way to Brooklyn πŸ˜ƒ
Enjoy it! Spent nearly 10 years in NYC, etc
I'm originally from NJ so I love NYC πŸ’œ
Nice @samez. I lived in Jersey City from 2011 to 2016 then migrated across the river to Red Hook, Brooklyn. I'm from the Pittsburgh area so moving home to be closer to family but, NYC will always have a piece of my heart. Have yet to visit Portland. It's on my list once I can travel again post-COVID (if that's going to happen????).
Boston MA here
Love Boston! I did a Boston to Maine road trip last fall with my high school bff. It is such a beautiful area.
Currently in Southern California but previously in the Bay Area and New York before that! :)
Lovely. I spent a lot of time in CA, living in San Diego from 2007-2011. My brother is still in La Mesa and I visit as often as I can!
Sacramento + San Francisco (post pandemic)
Cambridge, MA. Hello!