Toxic Boss + Career Pivot + Recovering from Injuries = Severe Depression and Anxiety

Hi everyone,I saw and read this post which made me want to share my different but similar experience because I don't know what to do.My museum got a new Executive Director at the end of February 2021 after not having one for the whole pandemic and an Executive Director who was there for only 6 months. I was looking forward to working with this person, but things soured relatively quickly. The museum had 6 people in total working here.For instance, he had my coworker and I move heavy objects by ourselves for 40 hours a day for 5 days up and down flights of stairs without support due to lack of staff being available to help (2 people had injuries and 1 person was out of state) and he didn't offer us that much help either. Eventually I started experiencing an intense muscle strain in my back and I have been on worker's comp for the past 2 months trying to recover with physical therapy and acupuncture. He also took credit for the work my coworker and me did. Additionally, he has been hindering my work in so many ways and now my work is entirely based on finding solutions to the problems he caused. He is also someone who gets defensive when you try to push back or say no, is uncompromising, and overall the way he talks to my colleagues isn't how a leader should talk.Beside the toxic boss and workplace injury, I'm trying to make a career change because I don't see how I can progress in my field as well as having financial constraints from working for a nonprofit and am looking to pivot to the tech industry. Obviously career pivots are stressful as is so I've been trying to do as much as I can (volunteering, freelancing) to gain experience and get out of my hellish environment.Lastly, my partner got seriously injured and I have been trying to be there for him during his recovery. So I'm going through a lot and it's taken an extreme toll on my mental state. I've spoken to high ups at work who have shared my feelings to our new Executive Director who I've been told is trying to not be in contact with me as much to give me space and relieve my anxiety. But it doesn't change the fact that he wants me to do all of these projects for him and do them asap when I don't feel motivated or have the emotional bandwidth to do them at the pace he wants me to.I've decided that if things don't change in a month, I'm putting in my resignation in July and be done by the end of the month, but now I don't know if I can wait until then. Sorry for the extremely long story-any help would be great.
Brienne, I'm happy to talk about pivoting out of the museum field, because I did so myself. It's an extremely crowded field where years of unpaid internships/volunteering and a master's is required, pay is low for the duration of your career (unless you work in development), and bad management practices are rampant because formal training is focused on academic content rather than functional expertise. If you quit due to bad management, 100 people will apply for your job the next day. I realized I had skills that I could be much better compensated even in other nonprofit fields, let alone private industry, so I left my master's program with just 1 class left to take. My advice without understanding your situation any more would be to only stay as long as you need to get your financial ducks in a row and quit ASAP to focus on your pivot.Feel free to PM me to set up a time for a virtual coffee!