Looking to Transition into UX Content Strategy from Museums-Would Love to Chat!

Hi everyone! I come from a museum background and want to transition to UX content strategy. I've struggled with a learning disability my whole life and I want to make websites accessible and help people navigate them with ease. In my current role as a Museum Registrar, I migrated over 3000 records to a new database, categorized records according to museum cataloging taxonomy standards and set up an API integration to the museum's website. I'm a naturally curious, organized and empathetic problem solver who is actively looking to use my skills to organize and create content that enhances the user experience.I would love to connect with anyone for a brief chat about their experience in becoming a UX content strategist-especially if you came from a non-tech background.Also, please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin I'm happy to support people's journeys as best I can!
You have such an interesting background! I don't know any UX content strategist but we definitely have Elpha members who are (if you search "UX content strategist" at want to say good luck with the transition!
Hi @BrienneWong! I'm not a UX content strategist, but based on the work you've done for the museum and your passion for accessibility, you might consider exploring information architecture, if not already on your radar. Also, are you familiar with Deque? They have a lot of incredible training and tools related to web accessibility.