Great place to search for remote work?

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I really understand your situation. Personally, I yearn for remote opportunities too. I found powertofly, and useful for tech, content creation and virtual help roles. If anyone knows about organisations needing internet analysts, search engine/social media evaluators/raters, or even testing sites for people living in Africa, please, let us know. Thanks
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weworkremotely is a great job listing website. they also have a Slack community. Authentic Jobs might be another good place.
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For design agencies, you can check out Authentic Jobs. And we also have a lot of partner companies hiring for remote roles:
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Check out Power2Fly - I believe they have a number of remote roles
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AngelList - Mostly startups, beware of fake postings (I always check the poster profile, company website, you'll be able to see quickly if they are fake) WeWorkRemotely - +1 Nomads - https://workingnomads.coRemoteok - - - +1 Ladies - https://www.hiretechladies.comJobspresso - https://jobspresso.coRemotely Awesome - has a job board but it's a little clunky - https://dribbble.comAnd of course, the others mentioned in the other thread. Linkedin also lets you search by remote, and I believe it was the other thread where I mention not paying for Flexjobs (they scrape from other boards and then charge users) Cheers!
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Awesome. Thank you so much!
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I see some great suggestions from fellow elpha's:-) For an out of the box suggestion, we'd also love to invite you to create action plans and sell them on our marketplace! I'm sure your content is gorgeous;-) and people would love to learn from you.