Pivot into tech or land a promotion with this week's workshops

Pivot into tech or land a promotion with Roadmap's CEO, Malinda Coler at this week's workshops!

Salary Negotiation 101: Data + Practice (Wed, 9/7 @ 12PM PDT)

  • Use data and strategy to engage every salary negotiation with confidence.

Advanced Job Search Strategies (Thurs, 9/8 @ 11:30AM PDT)

  • Learn how RoadmapX members use LinkedIn, Slack, & FB to grow their networks in a way that leads to referrals and opportunities.

Break Into Tech Day - Learn How To Get Hired (Mon, 9/12 @ 4PM PDT)

  • Learn a proven framework for breaking into tech and getting hired by companies who want you for your exact experience! (no new certifications or bootcamps needed)

Using Transferable Skills From Previous Work to Pivot Into Tech (Wed, 9/14 @ 12PM PDT)

  • Identify the transferable skills from previous roles and leverage them to pivot into tech.

Ask a Recruiter How They Hire: Fireside Chat with Senior Technical Recruiter Alain Barbara (CMT) (Tues, 9/20 @ 11AM PDT)

  • Connect with Senior Technical Recruiter Alain Barbara, who is hiring candidates interested in using AI, engineering, analytics, and/or behavioral science to make driving safer.
  • Find out about their open roles, learn what technical recruiters are looking for in top candidates!

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