Would love to meet other video editors and motion designers


I'd like to connect with other video editors and motion designers to learn about your paths and what skills I need to develop to get into a creative and well-compensated new role.

Hi @paulazimmerman I'm a video editor and motion designer as well as producer and I'd be happy to connect!
I am working on youtube video /podcast translation tool . if you know people who would like to get their podcasts translated, lets connect.
@aggarwal, if I hear of anyone looking for that, I'll send them your way. How are you listed on LinkedIn?
@jikajika has dabbled a lot in the world of video and has content around it actually, maybe you can check her profile out!
Thank you @lynna, I will!
Hi @paulazimmerman ! I'm a longtime video editor, and the most profitable path for me was opening an online filmmaking school for photographers. As far as upskilling in editing, I just teach myself, and it's a perpetual learning process; there are many wonderful tutorials right through Adobe and YouTube. I now have a startup to provide video editing on demand for consumers (though we're back in Beta and looking at AI to help us speed the process). When I hire editors, I'm always looking for people who understand how to use Adobe's latest AI tools to help speed up editing and stay consistent (such as music auto-fit and scene detection).
Hi, @emilymitchell, thank you for talking about your business and projects. I learn a lot of different ways, mostly YouTube and Udemy. I like your idea about learning Premiere's AI tools, I'll be delving into those ASAP. I did use scene detection in some projects when I was in a training program for making creator videos. Unfortunately, they closed the program before I finished.The editing I do now is very old-school- I work for a public TV talk show that's all basic 3-camera sit-down interviews. It's almost like podcasts but less exciting. I'm bored sick, but he has a backlog of shows and I'm the only editor.I just joined a group where I'll be doing small podcast promotion projects. I hope to use those pieces to bring my portfolio out of the dark ages and into current relevance.I'll take a look at your app. I took some clips at an immersive art exhibit that I'd love to make into something fun and I shot a faceless cooking video that I want to make into something interesting.Congratulations on having the courage to run your own businesses while balancing being a mom.
I'm a video editor - I haven't done it for a company though, only as freelance work. I started really getting into it 3 years ago when my sister and I made a Youtube channel together, and that's when I realized I really had a knack for it and enjoyed doing it. I was laid off from my job in November, so I've been trying to get freelance clients to make decent money. It has been difficult to find clients who are willing to pay decent rates. Many seem to think that paying $10-40 per videos that can range anywhere from 1 hour to 20 hours is acceptable. There's also A LOT of competition for freelance video editors. If you're able to get a job through an actual company doing it, that would likely be more stable. I've tried to get a regular job doing it but I think the expectations are much higher for that vs. freelancing (in terms of years of experience, what software you know, being able to do advanced editing techniques, etc).
I would say look into techniques to monetize your YouTube channel first. If you can get enough followers who engage with your channel, you may be able to make some money from ad revenue.Another idea would be to seek out other YouTube creators who could use your editing expertise. If you get in with someone who has a large audience, they may be willing to pay expert rates.There's a group called Visualizers Club that just moved from Discord to the Skool app. The main idea of the group is educating editors to improve their skills and offering bulk subscription plan discounts for some of the top editing resource sites- Envato Elements, Storyblocks, Artlist/Artgrid, and Epidemic Sound. They're going to be offering classes 3 times a week and they have opportunities to edit club promotion videos for money when you post them on your social channels. They also post some exclusive opportunities to work with top creators. I learned about them on LinkedIn.The best way to get ahead out there is to stay creative and find the path that others haven't found yet. Good luck and keep putting yourself out there.