Product Power Play Ep #2: AI Powered Product Management: Shaping the Future

Hi Elphas,

AI is changing work as we know it. It’s wise to stay ahead of the curve.

The question every product manager is asking is, “How can I leverage AI?”

We’re at an inflection point and this is why in Episode #2 of Product Power Play we’ll be diving deep into how AI is transforming product management.

This discussion will be high signal, low noise and we’ll be joined by the trailblazing product leader, Janna Bastow, co-founder and CEO of ProdPad.

If you’re keen to know about strategies to embrace the changes brewing, join us on 8th February and learn about:

✅ Janna’s defining career moments and her learnings from climbing the product career ladder

✅ How to use the 'now/next/later' roadmap for strategic product planning

✅ How AI will impact decision making in product and it’s snowball effect on PM frameworks

✅ Integrating with day-to-day product management workflows

Start the year strong and get that competitive edge! See you there on Feb 8th, 11:30 am PST.🔥

See you there!