Career Navigation Roundtable - Free Event - Salary & Promotion Growth

Hi elphas!My company is hosting our next Career Navigation Roundtable in a few weeks. It's a free event open to everyone. It's 1/2 training and 1/2 discussion with a different topic every time.

Career Navigation Roundtable

Tuesday, February 6 | 5:00 – 6:00 PM ET | Online via Zoom

February's Roundtable will focus on how you can lay the groundwork to get a raise or promotion (or both!) over the next year.

Sometimes it takes a lot of thoughtful, deliberate, strategic moves - especially if you don’t have a manager or work environment that allows for meaningful performance reviews.

If you are looking for a salary increase or promotion but lack the formal opportunities to ask for it, or know you’ll need to create a strategy to achieve your goal, this Roundtable is for you.

1) We’ll spend the first part defining what you want and then work backwards. 2) We’ll discuss what strategies and actions you might need to put into motion to bring your growth to fruition.3) We’ll share specific language you can use to bring up your goals with your manager to help you ‘manage up’.

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