Thinking of starting a fertility oriented community

Dear all. Thinking of starting a fertility oriented community here. I have struggled with fertility challenges for nearly 5 years and now holding my little baby girl and being on maternity leave at the moment, I feel gratitude and would love to extend a hand to others in a similar boat. I also work with a fertility coach who I admire highly. She is a reproductive activist. I see myself joining forces with her in due course or doing something in this field voluntarily. This community could share tools that helped women birth their families. We could use thumbs up/thumbs down emojis maybe for yes/no vote for starting a new community. Also I would love to find a couple of partners to run it with me. As I don't really know when I will log back again next, especially once i resume work.Cheers.Purnima.p.s. whoops i did not know communities are all public.. i don't mind making this as a public post at the moment. When I wrote it, i didn't know this though. I will look more into communities at a later time.p.p.s. please help me edit this post to remove the reference to my fertility coach. Did not mean to have this as a promotional thing. I am happy to have this community minus references to the specific person/services i benefitted from. Or is this okay, because i have no monetary gain from it? Thanks.
Hi! You can create communities as private I think....? I'm sure many people would find it helpful to have that kind of support.
great. thank you Rebecca!
Apologies that you didn't realize this community was public. I will look out our UI and think of how to make it more obvious. Each group has its own settings, so some are public and some are private. It depends how the creator set it up!