Code Jam to Google I/O for women competition March 26th

Hi Elphas.

I am looking for buddies to help me prepaare for upcoming Code Jam to Google I/O for women competition March 26th. I am taking part in an individual participation programming competition for women - just for fun. Hope I can spend 2.5 hours uninterrupted on the coming Saturday. It is not easy to have uninterrupted time by myself with our toddler at the moment.

I have started to prepare by attempting to solve previous problems from the archive. Crossing fingers for me to be able to solve at least one problem during the competition. I took part last four years ago and had not solved even one, and this is pre-baby.

Specifically, I am looking to solve as many of the previous years' problems available in the archive (dating from 2014). I have attempted 3 out of 4 from the 2018 competition and struggling with the last one from that set.

I am also looking for resources to coach me (paid/unpaid). Time is of the essence. I have some flexiblity with work hours because I work part-time.

Thanks in advance.