Ascend's Leadership Program for women - Applications Open (Virtual)

Hi Elphas! Applications are now open for Ascend’s Leadership Program for women. We’ve empowered women to gain confidence, get buy-in, and move up (including promotion🙌) at Facebook, Salesforce, Twitter, Slack & many more. In the online program, you’ll learn with a community of women the skills and actionable frameworks to influence (even w/ dominant personalities), overcome imposter syndrome, have your ideas valued, and advocate for yourself. All the topics you’ve been wanting to dive into. 🚀This is an opportunity to carve out the safe space to invest in yourself and level up. If you’re ready to accelerate your career, apply now to join our program starting on 3/1: to see you here!P.S. The Early Decision deadline is Jan. 29th. The program has a limited number of seats available and sells out. Email [email protected] if you want a sample sponsorship request letter to share with your manager.
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Hi @shivaniberry, just applied!
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Great! Thanks for letting me know - we'll take a look now.