Searching for the "right" role

Hi Elpha community!

I am a junior to mid level UX designer, and I am struggling. I seem to always choose the wrong roles for me - lack of team support, startup nature where the world in a basket is expected, etc. I am currently working at a start-up in a boys club. I feel isolated and that my role is misunderstood by the entirety of the company. They give very impractical, almost impossible, deadlines, and I feel powerless in trying to course correct.

If this were you in this situation, would you stick it out? It's been rougly 3 months and while I do cry a lot in general, this role has driven me to tears multiple times. I feel that my work-life balance is nonexistent, as I feel behind and strive to people please.

If any senior designers have any tips or leads for roles that may be a part of a larger, more strucutred and collaborative team, I'd love to connect to learn more.

Ah, hi Megan! I'm sorry you're going through this right now. It sounds like you're being stripped of your confidence and feeling helpless with impossible deadlines and a poor work situation. That is hard!The upside is that you've had a bunch of experiences, which have given you more insight into what works (and what doesn't) for you. Based on what you said, it sounds like, you'd want a place where:* inclusive culture* collaborative* reasonable deadlines* supportive environment* design plays an important role and is valued by the companyYou can absolutely find these things! I don't know of any roles off the top of my head, but I'm sure you can find a better fitting place. In the meantime, what boundaries can you create? You mentioned no work/life balance and people pleasing. Look out for yourself first!
Hi Megan, I'm sorry to read about your situation. It sounds to me as if you are in the wrong place... Some companies (big and small ones) just don't yet understand the UX role and perhaps never will. I would go look for one with design culture if possible for you now. No job is worth our tears.Product Designers do have a lot in common with UX designers and researchers (they define interaction flows, draw wireframes, build prototypes, perform user tests, etc.) Consider looking for this kind of role as well.And please take care