Important New Survey on Women's Careers

Greetings Fabulous Women!I hope this finds you well and managing the current crises well. I would appreciate your taking a few minutes to complete a very important new survey – today, or as soon as possible, because it will only be open for a limited time. Please also share it with your extensive networks. This is the link:’s about the things that are important to you and your responses will make a big difference to research going forward. The questionnaire is anonymous, which means no one will know your name or email address (and that we won’t be able to send you individual results). We can, however, send you the overall research findings, if you like.Please click on this link - - to take the survey – today. You only have a few days before it closes.If you want to receive a summary of the findings, please reply to this email and let me know you want a copy, or, email me at [email protected] and request a copy of the “RMP study.”If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. This is the link to this very important new survey again: you!Warm regards and stay safe,Joan Michelson
Hey Joan! Letting you know that I've deleted your duplicate posts but cross-posted this to the other communities you had initially shared with. As a note, you can choose multiple communities under "Choose communities in which to share your posts"!
Where is "multiple communities"?ThanksJoan
When you write a new post or click "edit" on an existing post, you can modify the communities it's being posted to here (see screenshot).Also, apologies on missing your message from July! I deleted it because the post had the same content and cross-posting it serves the same function as the exact same post will appear in other communities as well.
Oh thanks! Enjoy your day :)
Good morning Teresa, Thanks for your note and for cross-posting it. Why was it deleted? I guess i don't know your system well enough. Take care, Joan