Looking for a few ladies to test a Voice of Customer service for free

I’m in the midst of planning a Voice of Customer research service for companies who want to connect with their customers better. Right now, I am looking for some guinea pigs to test it out in exchange for feedback and if you're digging how it turns out — a short testimonial.The goal is to help you find…* the exact language your customers are using to describe the problems your product is solving* sticky language snippets you can use in your marketing copy and customer touchpoints* common themes that keep coming up over and over again amongst your customers* where you could make some updates to your copy and products to better reflect your customer’s voiceIf you’re interested in being my test subject while getting some Voice of Customer data fo’ free, please either DM me or email me ([email protected]) your:* Industry/Category* Company Name (or heck, even a competitor's name)* A quick description of who you feel your typical customer is* Any other information about your customer you think I should know aboutAnd I'll get to work and hopefully get you some juicy VoC data!Just a heads up...I'll be doing mostly passive you don't have to worry about some stranger calling up your customers randomly :-P Cheers!