Created a Local Florist Cheat Sheet—would love feedback! 💐

Hi everyone!

So I've gotten into sending friends and family flowers as a gift, but I've found it can be quite time-consuming to find the "right" local florist. You need to search for florists in the city, check out the average review on Google or Yelp, then look at the website, and then check out the Instagram to really get a sense of the arrangements. And then bam, hours gone!

Anyway, I work at Coda and realized the other week that I could build a Coda doc that served as a directory for local florists. Long story short: I've created a Local Florist Cheat Sheet where I'm aggregating highly rated local florists in major U.S. cities. Right now, I only have 20 florists across Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco/Oakland, and Washington, D.C.—but I do plan on adding more!

I'd love it if you could take a look at the cheat sheet and let me know what you think! And if you have any recommendations for florists in the aforementioned cities, please submit them. Thanks! 💐

Hi @marylynncesar, Great initiative! When I'm looking for florists, I typically do a Google/Yelp search and use that. A curated list is definitely helpful. I'm not 100% sure the type of feedback you're looking for, I think it's useful! The thing I usually look for is reviews of florists and what people say so if you could load that in here as well, that would be awesome
Thanks for taking the time to check this out, @tanmayisai! Adding Yelp/Google reviews is a great idea—definitely need to do that