Contract Work and a FT Role?

I'm between jobs, and sometimes I do contract work for a boutique firm. The work isn't enough to be aFT job, but a paid way for me to learn more.

During interviews, if I mention it, recruiters often say it will truly depend on the contract if I can continue this intermittent work.

If you've been in a similar situation, how did you handle it? I'm considering keeping it quiet in the future, like how many people take multiple FT jobs remotely and keep silent.

I keep it silent. As long as there's no signed non-compete you don't owe them anything outside of the hours they pay you. But also... the best people I've worked with haven't cared... so maybe this is a yellow flag? In the end, go with your gut and do what works for you. You'll be a-ok!
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What Jackqueline130 said... Keep it to yourself, unless a non-compete is asked for. :)
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I'd keep it to myself unless there's a clear competition between what the two companies do and if you work for industries where you can be at risk of insider trading (e.g you work for a consulting company and you advise financial institutions client and on the side you do some financial advising, you might have insider info on company's performance), talk to a lawyer!
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Hi @Aide26, I think you can keep it silent if you know it won't get in the way of doing the FT job well and also if there's no conflict of interest given the FT role's contract. BTW, I'm Rachel, a Career Coach (, and I offer a ton of free videos and blogs on my website here - For anyone who is a) seeking clarity on your best fit/ideal career path or next step/direction, b) debating upskiling opportunities, c) improving your personal branding, d) pursuing a strategic job search or e) advancing along their path and navigating their current workplace, that's what I help with! Let me know if you'd like a free initial career coaching call -->