Leadership Training

Hello Eveyone! I'm looking for leadership training programs specifically for POCs (WOCs would be even better). I found this one below but it's only one week. I would appreciate any suggestions!

I’m looking for one too. Good luck!
The program looks good but it's only one, as you say it's one week... Is your company supporting you and other colleagues? I deliver inclusive leadership programmes for women and non-binary people that last 6 months to 1 year. Also, they are a mix of workshops and coaching. My rationale is that to have a real impact on organizations and those attending the courses, programs need to last several months and be set in the context of what the organization wants to achieve. Otherwise, leads to the frustration of those participating in the program once it's finished.
Ascend is a leadership program for women: I went through the program and would highly recommend! Not POC specific, but mentioning since you mention interest in programs for WOC as well. :)