Bay Area CA Meetup - How Many Elphas in the Area?

Hey, I am a UI UX designer in the east bay area of California. I was wondering if there's anyone else in the area that's wanting in-person meetups? I work remotely and it would be great to spend time with other people in the tech world.

I am near Pleasanton/Walnut Creek/Fremont area. I'd be willing to setup a meetup somewhere and have some discussion questions for everyone to get to know each other, possibly help each other out, advice etc anything like that.

Anyone interested in the area?

@etalonkristina usually hosts them in SF! This was her latest one about a week ago:
I would be interested in an east bay meetup. I live in pleasanton.
I spend 25-50% of my time in the East Bay and would be happy to meet up with fellow Elphas in the area.
I love this idea and definitely agree you should connect with Kristina to see if you want to tag team or even just leverage her expertise.Also while you're not a new member per se, you're welcome to reeintroduce yourself here and mention the hangout (once you have the details) here so that new members know you! We have a lot of members in the Bay area so I am sure a few of them would love to meet you!And in the meantime we have new members in the East Bay area @agnesszelag @lisabk
I am based out of South Bay and would be interested !
I'm in SF and would totally be down for something in the city. I know I missed the last one hosted by @etalonkristina -- is there a way to get on the list for the next one?
Would be interested in upcoming meetups in south bay!
A friend of mine and I are both in the WC area! We’d love to do an East Bay meet up. Also glad to hear of the SF ones — I wasn’t aware before!
South bay member here!
Would love to join an East Bay meetup (in person or virtual)!