Advice for taking a burnout leave

Hi there, I wanted to share with folks my personal experience taking a medical leave for burnout reasons. I've been at this big girl tech job for a few years and in the past year, I began to get extreme stress, anxiety, and extreme fatigue from my job.

I work remote full time since the pandemic, and I would find myself waking up with intense anxiety, checking work chats at 2am and staying up for a few hours to respond and "make progress" on projects. Daytime was back to back meetings while nights and weekends were when I would be expected to do my "actual" work.

I researched a ton about burnout leaves for mental and physical health. I found one podcast with an employment lawyer who really helped me recognize my rights, and what could be done about the situation. --Most people think the FMLA is reserved for a well known physical ailment, when in fact our mental health /wellbeing, when severely impacted enough, can be just as debilitating. I have a hard work ethic, and was put in a number of pretty intensely gross situations with bad sexist and a narcissistic boss (would take credit for his reporters work as his own, had 12 people leave under him in one year, etc).

anyway, I wanted to share this in case anyone else is experiencing similar things with their health. Burnout is real, and with your doctor's support you do have a right to the FMLA. For me, I experienced migraines, Severe insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety -- medically, she is supporting (paid) leave for me to take time and space to get back to a healthy place both mentally and physically.

one of the podcast I listened to was called "How to request medical leave + what you're entitled to according to an employment lawyer"

please take care of yourself!

This is great! Thanks for sharing this info/resource! I am sure many can benefit from this!
Thank you so much for opening up about your experience and sharing the podcast resource!Ps. I've tagged this in "Advice" and deleted your duplicate post
Thank you so much for sharing your experience ad these incredible resources. I also want to say how sorry I am that you went through this. How do you feel now?
Sorry to hear you went through this challenging situation. During a meeting I attended a few weeks ago we talked about grieving the loss of a job or grieving the loss of hope related to a dream and the difficult transition through the process. I am interested in learning more about how others dealt with the loss. I would like to develop a mini-course on the topic. If you would like to chat please let me know. #transitions