Bringing diversity to fitness with AI technology - Jumpy Cat, an inclusive free fitness app for blind/low vision people, seniors, *anyone*.

Our StoryA couple of years ago, my boyfriend suffered a serious kneecap injury. It’s been a tough and slow recovery process, both physically and emotionally. We both work in technology, so we decided to create an app together, for him to gradually ease back into movement again.As we started getting early feedback on the app, we realised there are a lot of neglected minorities in fitness: blind people, seniors, people with limited mobility, injuries, hip/knee traumas.We started interviewing people who have been using the app, to understand how we can contribute towards providing resources for *anyone* to be able to exercise on their own terms. Right now we're focusing on working with blind and low vision people to ensure our app provides high quality audio guidance for them, so they can use it as eyes-free fitness. Our TechnologyMy background is in psychology and product management/design of AI technology; my boyfriend specialises in low latency products and distributed computing.We naturally gravitated towards a simple yet flexible solution. We set out to build an AI algorithm capable of generating workouts as full-length Youtube-like videos with audio guidance based on a person’s preferences.Our algorithm can now produce 15,000 unique workouts, to satisfy your preferred level, duration, body area, style, and even variety. The workouts are composed and streamed in real-time on your device.We’ve decided to make the app free, with 75% of the content free, and only a few advanced options available for 1.99/month. We’re committed to keeping the app and content as free/affordable as possible in the long-term.Our DreamThe growing rate of obesity and mental health issues is a solvable issue. We’ve got plenty of scientific evidence that a bit of exercise keeps people healthy physically and mentally.We believe technology can make it easier for people to lead healthy and happy lives, and we’d love it if our inclusive technology can empower everyone. We’ve already built it, so it would be a pity for it to go unused!I'd be so grateful if you can help us spread the word, or reach out to me with organisations and individuals who can benefit from these fitness resources.Thanks for reading!You can get Jumpy Cat here: