Should a resume be one page?

Hello Elpha members! I am gearing up to start applying for Customer Success Manager positions in the tech industry. I have heard so many conflicting opinions but should a resume be one page? Would a hiring manager rather see a 2 page resume that is easier to read (more spacing, 11 or 12 font, etc.) or a 1 page resume that looks a bit crowded...Any advice would be greatly helpful! Thank you!

How many years of experience do you have? Anything less than 10 - 15 years should be one page!Font 11, save space on the margins, keep things on one line etcAs far as content: focus on your tasks and subsequent impact (which you should quantify)Depending how far in your career you are (you are applying for manager so I am assuming somewhere mid career). I'd remove internships.
I'll just speak to my preference when I'm hiring – I prefer a one page resume where the person is concise and does a good job highlighting the most important parts of their experience. That gives me confidence that their perspective and my perspective on "what's important" are aligned.
I've been a recruiter for 3 years. I prefer 1 page for junior roles (under 5 YOE) and don't mind 2 pagers with folks with 5+ YOE. When I receive resumes I can usually tell immediately whether that person is qualified for the role in the first page, so sometimes 2 pagers aren't necessary. I like 2 pagers when I can see clear progression of that persons' career in terms of seniority and the verticals they'v been in.
This may be an unpopular opinion however I prefer however many pages is required to show me that you are a match for my role. POV: I am a hiring manager reviewing resumes and give about 1 min to each resume. I don't want to guess if you have experience with a CRM or enterprise customers. I know many people prefer 1 pagers however if you can't demonstrate in that page that you are qualified for the role I am hiring for then I will pass on your resume. The big take away is to maximize the first page of your resume. This way, those who prefer a 1 pager will be able to get what they need and those who want to read more will continue scrolling. Review the job posting and make sure you can address the main job duties. Hope this helps and good luck!
I've hired a few people in the past six months and for what it's worth, I barely glanced as their resumes. I went straight to LinkedIn because it's a standard format and was easier for me to get the gist. Less an answer on resume format and more a reminder to make sure your LinkedIn sings!